Life Risks Insurance

Better Safe than Sorry!

Cancer, heart attack, renal failure… To most of us these are just awful disasters that only happen to other people. However, according to the statistics, two in three people currently healthy and working are exposed to the risk of developing a critical condition before retirement. One third of the human population have at least one heart attack in their lives. Globally, more than 10 million people are diagnosed with cancer annually and 40 percent of them will survive.

We do hope that neither you, nor any member of your family, will suffer any of these conditions. On the other hand, however, you have probably witnessed someone close to you suffering from one of them, given their unfortunate commonality. You may have even observed that such critical conditions are now being diagnosed in young people and progressively more so every year. You may have realized that these are not “old people’s worries.” It is a fact that life is full of unpleasant surprises and each and every person is susceptible to developing one of them at any time.

What happens if you develop a serious illness? What is your plan to cover your financial needs during and after your treatment without losing your savings, and even your house or car?
Our Life Risks Insurance helps you secure yourself and your beloved ones against large financial losses, which would otherwise cause you financial hardship.

Life Risks Insurance provides the support you need

Pension investment funds should be considered as long-term investment instruments in line with the purpose of the Private Pension System. Pension investment funds, being a crucial part of the financial markets, are similar to mutual funds in terms of the valuation of the securities within the portfolio thereof, the calculation of the unit price and the bookkeeping matters.

Life Risks Insurance is a life insurance that will provide you or your loved ones with a lump sum which would be greatly needed in the event of critical illness such as cancer and heart attacks or permanent disability and even death.

Life Risks Insurance enables you to

  • pay for your medical expenses
  • pay for home care
  • cover daily expenses
  • pay your rent and repay loans, if any
  • avoid spending your savings or incurring debt