"My Allianz" Mobile Application


Discover the priviledges of My Allianz Mobile App.

With My Allianz homepage, you are a click away from all the fast call or help buttons. You may display your active and past health expenditures under the My Health section. My Car/Policy section gives you information about your automobile insurance. You can easily control all your premium payments and claims. My Savings/Policy-Contracts section provides information related to your total savings. Other menu tab provides information related to other policies or contracts.

What do we have in Mobile App?

You can find your nearest approved repair shop by selecting your current policy, province county and damage type.

Call Claims Center tab will help you to reach our customer service department.Find Contracted Healthcare Provider.

You can display all the nearest contracted healtchcare providers closer to your location.

Dr.Allianz You can call for any topic related to your health. Health Line You just need to click on this tab to reach the Health Line.

My Child’s Health Tab; You can add information about the development of your child to display the overall.

Good Ride helps you check out your driving skills and get some trainings.

There are 4 different service tabs available for you in case you need..
My Health
My Savings
My Car
Download & Try!
You may download My Allianz Mobile App via Google Play or App Store.