Commercial Credit Life Insurance is insurance that provides protection to the business against the risk of loss of life of the owner or partner in terms of cash or non-cash credit used from Yapı Kredi Bank by the business.
  • Commercial Credit Life Insurance helps a company to continue its operations in the event of the loss of life of the owner or partner.
  • After deducting any credit debt, any remaining balance from the compensation is paid to your beneficiaries by the bank.
  • You can deduct the premiums you have paid from your taxable income, to obtain tax advantages.

Life Risks Coverage: In the that event the policyholder develops any of the covered conditions and becomes permanently disabled as a result of the condition or an accident, payment will be made upon the diagnosis of condition or upon documented proof of disability.

Loss of Life Coverage: In the event that the policyholder loses his/ her life, the payment will be made to their beneficiaries.

  • The period of the insurance contract is one year.
  • Anyone between the ages of 18 - 69 who is a company owner or partner with business credits taken out on behalf of the company may apply for Commercial Credit Life Insurance.
  • Insurance premium amounts vary depending on the coverage and age.
  • Insurance premiums may be charged to an account or credit card, either in a lump sum payment or in installments.
You may contact the Yapı Kredi branches to obtain further information on Commercial Credit Life Insurance.
Cash/non-cash business credits such as check books, letters of guarantee, letters of credit, etc. can be insured. In the case of the business having more than one credit, a policy can be drawn for the total amount of all (cash/non-cash) credit products.