Dedicated employee benefits solutions for multinational corporate clients. Corporate life, accident, disability, health and pension solutions brought to you via our global and local network.

Employers and employees in the modern global workforce deserve the most sophisticated insurance coverage for life, pension and health insurance. Allianz Global Benefits is specialized in corporate insurance programs worldwide for life, accident, disability, health and pension. Leveraging the scale of Allianz, it places global employee benefits into an international risk management perspective.

Allianz Global Benefits accomplishes this by taking the international perspective, by leveraging the vast understanding and broad experience Allianz has in every market worldwide as well as with international solutions, by connecting local subsidiaries of clients with the local subsidiaries of Allianz, and by seamlessly coordinating the design and implementation of aligned employee benefit solutions.

As member of Allianz Group, Allianz Global Benefits globally coordinates the provision of employee benefit solutions and addresses the needs of multinational companies in this area. The network includes more than 110 Allianz subsidiaries and selected external partners in over 90 countries. Headquartered in Germany with a team of international experts based in the regional Allianz offices in Munich, London, Chicago and Singapore, Allianz Global Benefits operates as a “one-stop-shop” to serve multinational corporate clients in the employee benefit field around the world.

Contact person: Ceylan Alver

Phone: +90 (216) 559 8575


Contact person: Hande Çetiner

Phone: +90 (216) 559 8589


Contact person: Nuri Oğuz Şengöl

Phone: +90 (216) 559 7652


Allianz Global Benefits offers made-to-measure solutions to its clients encompassing the full range of corporate life, pension, disability, accident, pension and health products. Our growing network allows us to extend the full range of solutions globally and through the collaboration with your global and local brokers we can offer our clients better risk management services. Our international programs allow clients to optimize and execute global employee benefit programs providing a clear global overview, governance and more advanced risk management.

Allianz Global Benefits leverages on the geographical scale, depth and competence of Allianz Group to deliver employee benefit products, solutions and services meeting the needs of the client in different parts of the globe at all times.

Allianz Global Benefits offer high quality employee benefit solutions:

  • providing services to enhance your administration and governance
  • providing a multinational plan overview
  • ensuring protection and service consistency for your employees
  • taking an international risk management perspective
  • leveraging the vast knowledge and broad experience Allianz has worldwide
  • connecting your local subsidiaries with the local subsidiaries of Allianz
  • seamlessly coordinating the design and implementation of aligned employee benefits solutions
Allianz Global Benefits international programs provide a wide range of risk management and financing options. Our clients can choose between distinctive products & solutions, namely being Stand Alone, Pooling, Captive, Consolidated Underwriting and Global Pension Delivery. When turning to Allianz Global Benefits, multinational clients can expect the full range of corporate life, pension, health and asset management solutions available within Allianz Group with one face to the customer.
Allianz Global Benefits supports multinational corporates with the implementation of local group insurance contracts abroad. These local group insurance products which are offered through our local network can range from life, accident, disability, health and pension.
Pooling involves the consolidation of local employee benefit plan from two or more countries into one account (pool) to assess the overall global result and enabling the client to possibly receive an international dividend.
It offers large clients who have business operations in multiple countries to attain benefits of global scale and risk diversification by taking a global approach to the purchasing of their employee benefit programs.
The Captive model we co-ordinate ensures market compliant local policies, central oversight from our in-house reinsurer and efficient risk transfer to the captive. We established our first global employee benefits captive program in 2009 and since then we have been leading the way in terms of innovation, flexibility and service quality.

This new proposition aims to assist multinational companies deliver efficient, cross-border DC pension solution to their employees. The service combines the expertise of Allianz Group’s global capabilities and local network partners with best-in-class global asset managers to provide a global DC pension solution, serviced and delivered locally.

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